Running Performance Assessment

Our No 1 performance package.

We will breakdown your movement patterns into individual metrics, using a ‘state of the art’ 3D motion capture system that was designed around elite athletes. A dual force-plate system will measures your muscle power, the power that actually moves you. Finally a detailed dynamic foot-scanning assessment, this will highlight the dynamic function and efficiency of your foot. All this information will enable us to create a detailed report and training program to improve your running performance.

Your report will be sent to you digitally afterwards.

The Assessment includes:

  • A 3D Markerless Running Analysis
  • A Force Plate Analysis
  • A Plantar Pressure Analysis

Cost is £200

Follow up session – 45min – £80

Running Injury Assessment

The Running Injury Assessment is a comprehensive package that provides you with an in-depth running analysis using a range of biomechanical equipment. The initial assessment involves a 3D markerless running assessment using the MotionMetrix system, a strength assessment using our Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates, and a plantar pressure assessment using the AMCube Pressure Plate. By assessing your running mechanics over a range of speeds, and completing both dynamic and static strength assessments, the initial injury assessment will detail whether any running technique-related factors, or strength asymmetries may be contributing to your injury risk. A digital copy of your report detailing the findings of the assessment and possible ways to alter your technique to reduce your injury risk will be sent to you following the session.

Assessment includes:

  • 3D Markerless Running Analysis
  • Force Plate Analysis
  • Plantar Pressure Analysis

Cost is £200

Follow up session – 45min – £80


Follow up – 45min – £80
  • Running Performance Package        (1 initial session + 2 follow ups) – £310
  • Athlete Monitoring Package*           (3 follow up sessions) – £195
  • Athlete Monitoring Package*             (6 follow up sessions) – £375
*Monitoring packages require an Initial Assessment costing £200