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Our Running Technique Analysis Packages


Our No 1 running technique package.

We will breakdown your movement patterns into individual metrics, using a ‘state of the art’ 3D motion capture system that was designed around elite athletes. A dual force-plate system will measures your muscle power, the power that actually moves you. Finally a detailed dynamic foot-scanning assessment, this will highlight the dynamic function and efficiency of your foot. All this information will enable us to create a detailed report and training program to improve your running performance.

Your report will be sent to you digitally afterwards.

The Assessment includes:

  • A 3D Markerless Running Analysis
  • A Force Plate Analysis
  • A Plantar Pressure Analysis

The cost of an intital assessment is £149.00

Follow up session – £99
Good running techinique lessens injury risk


Running isn’t always about the stop watch, winning or the extra mile. People run because it’s healthy, improves fitness and enhances your well-being. Of course some run just for fun.

Often the fun grinds to a halt because of a little niggle. That niggle often originates from weeks of internal, yet ‘silent’ wear and tear, only noticeable when that silent damage becomes pain. The good news is, most of these injuries are preventable and with proper running form, you can build protection against them.

Common errors include overstriding, low cadence, too much forward lean, too much knee flexion, so on and so forth.

Ministry of Cadence will monitor your movements with a marker-less 3D analysis system, that will highlight areas of concern. We also have a special device that can measure your force production – the force that actually propels you. Do you produce  enough power to perform as you’d like? Finally, we will use a pressure mat to assess how your foot behaves.

This assessment will detail if there are any running technique-related factors, or strength asymmetries that may be contributing to your injury risk. 

A digital copy of your report detailing the findings of the assessment and possible ways to alter your technique to reduce your injury risk will be sent to you following the session.

So whatever you do, don’t let that niggle become a real pain.  Book an appointment today.


Assessment includes:

  • 3D Markerless Running Technique Analysis
  • Force Plate Analysis
  • Plantar Pressure Analysis

The cost of an intital assessment is £149.00

Follow up session – £99



£149.00 – Initial Assessment

  • This 1.5-hour session includes an in-depth 3D running technique analysis, strength and foot function testing. All findings will be placed on a report along with some advice on ways you can improve your running.

£99.00 – Follow-up Session

  • This 1-hour session can only be booked following an initial assessment. We will re-assess your running technique and physical attributes to see if the changes you have made are making a difference!

£249.00 – Follow-up Package (3x Follow-up Session)

  • The Follow-up Package includes 3 follow-up sessions. We suggest you book your 3 sessions within six months of your initial assessment and at regular time points.



Running on air with good running technique
Running Technique - Force Assessment


What do I need to wear?

Tight fitting clothing is recommended but not essential. The tighter fitting the clothing the more accurate our 3D running analysis system can be. People with long hair are also asked to bring something to tie their hair up with or a cap.

Do I need to be racing/competing?

Not at all! Whether you are just starting to run or are preparing for your next race, this assessment can help you focus on the areas that matter for yourself.

How fast do I need to run?

For the running analysis you need to be able to run at 9km/hr for at least 30 sec (6:40 min/km or 10:45 min/mile).

Can I participate injured?

If you can run pain free for multiple 30 sec bouts then you are more than welcome to take part in an assessment. If your injury keeps you from running then please wait until you have sufficiently recovered before booking.





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