Running analysis - Improve Running - Reduce Injuries


What do I need to wear?

Tight fitting clothing is recommended but not essential. The tighter fitting the clothing the more accurate our 3D running analysis system can be. People with long hair are also asked to bring something to tie their hair up with or a cap.

Do I need to be racing/competing?

Not at all! Whether you are just starting to run or are preparing for your next race, this assessment can help you focus on the areas that matter for yourself.

How fast do I need to run?

For the running analysis you need to be able to run at 9km/hr for at least 30 sec (6:40 min/km or 10:45 min/mile).

Can I participate injured?

If you can run pain free for multiple 30 sec bouts then you are more than welcome to take part in an assessment. If your injury keeps you from running then please wait until you have sufficiently recovered before booking.