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What we do

We offer gait analysis for all levels of runner that incorporates the very pinnacle of research grade assessments tools that are normally reserved for elite sportsmen and universities. Our assessments are designed to completely remove the guess work involved in traditional gait analysis by providing accurate quantifiable and qualitative data. We use this data to ensure our clients are put on the right path to greater performance and to lower the risks of injury.


We use MotionMetix 3D analysis becuase it is a revolutionary product and the first of its kind to provide full 3D running analysis that is completely markerless. See how it works here

Functional Screening

Understanding how your body moves, its strengths and weaknesses outside of the gait analysis is crucial to knowing were any issues have been developed. Our Force platforms and pressure plates are fundamental to providing this data

Reports & Action Plans

Once we understand how to improve your performance or reduce your injury risk we will provide a full data report as well as a Strength and Conditioning plan

Making A Tangible Difference For All Runners

About Us

With over 20 years of experience in the motion analysis industry, we are experts in running and biomechanical analysis.
Improve your running. Reduce and prevent injuries.

The Ministry of Cadence uses the pinnacle of Motion Analysis Software to ensure we provide the World’s finest and most useful running analysis.

Whether you are trying to improve performance or prevent recurring injuries, our Markerless 3D analysis software will measure your running economy, technique and joint loading (along with 63 other key running parameters).

We also use state of the art force platforms and pressure analysis to ensure that no stone is left unturned in improving you as a runner.

Whatever your level, be it recreational, elite or age group - we can help you.

  • Improve Performance

    For all levels of ability

  • Reduce Injury Risk

    Whether long or short term

  • Improve Technique

    with visual proof of improvement

  • Improve Comfort

    Run or Walk for longer


Having completed both his MSc in Sport, Health and Exercise Science and a BSc in Kinesiology, Sean’s passion for human movement has been developed for several years. His study and research has primarily focused on running biomechanics and physiology. Working as the Sport Science Lead at West London Track & Field, Sean has experience monitoring and optimising performance for a wide range of athletes. As a former collegiate athlete and current coach, Sean understands the process of athlete development and focuses on providing athlete-centric solutions. Sean’s passion for running biomechanics extends beyond the lab, as he is an avid runner himself and is always trying to keep up with the latest running trends.

Jonathan is the founder of Mar Systems and over 20 years experience working in the Motion Analysis Business. Over the years, he has developed his own products and worked with many clients on providing them with the best solutions for their businesses. He is a massive sports fan and when not in the office, you'll find him on the golf course, skiing, cycling or watching rugby.
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MoC: Biomechanist
Brunel University – MSc Sport, Health and Exercise Science

University of Lethbridge – BSc Kinesiology

UK Athletics Coaching Assistant
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Jonathan Hedges

MoC: Founder, developer and analyst
Jonathan was the original founder for Mar Systems Ltd, the parent company of Ministry of Cadence. He has over 20 years of experience in the Motion Analysis industry and has developed a number of new products including Hawkin Dynamics Force Plates.


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