15th January 2018

About Us

Ministry of Cadence was set up by parent company Mar Systems Ltd to offer a state of the art running analysis to all levels of runners.

Sean Gaeisky is our Biomechanics Expert.

Having completed both his MSc in Sport, Health and Exercise Science and a BSc in Kinesiology, Sean’s passion for human movement has been developed for several years. His study and research has primarily focused on running biomechanics and physiology. Working as the Sport Science Lead at West London Track & Field, Sean has experience monitoring and optimising performance for a wide range of athletes. As a former collegiate athlete and current coach, Sean understands the process of athlete development and focuses on providing athlete-centric solutions. Sean’s passion for running biomechanics extends beyond the lab, as he is an avid runner himself and is always trying to keep up with the latest running trends.

Jonathan Hedges is the founder of Mar Systems Ltd

Jonathan has over 20 years experience working in the Human Motion Analysis Industry. Over the years, he has used the engineering skills he learnt at British Aerospace to developed products for Nike, Addias, and New Balance. Recently, Jonathan founded Hawkin Dynamics, a force plate company, before selling it to his US partner company. He has worked with several other companies including CONTEMPLAS to design one of their leading software programmes. He has also helped develop Sprintex Treadmills to be the best running machines available. He is a massive sports fan and when not in the office, you’ll find him on the golf course, skiing, cycling, watching rugby. Or you’ll find him in his man cave, making and fixing things with his favourite toys – his lathe and milling machine.